Elegant Solutions + Flawless Service

Crown creates and implements vehicle enhancements that seamlessly integrate with original equipment. Combine this with our exceptional people and you’ve got one heck of great company!

Ideas are at the heart of Crown

We employ thinkers, engineers, designers, fabricators, installation experts and a small army of customer service staff whose collective purpose is to ensure projects get done properly, on time and on budget.

Creativity + Common Sense

Some people say that common sense is not that common. At Crown, common sense is quite common. Actually, so is creativity, timely delivery, quality control, customer service and a whole pile of other things that really matter!

The Crown Principles

Our work is covered by the most comprehensive warranty in the industry. All equipment supplied and installed by Crown is backed by a 3-year/36,000 mile warranty, and does not void the vehicle’s factory warranty.

Products Built Strong for the Front Line

Crown has been upfitting Law Enforcement vehicles for decades. When a product is used on the front line, it has to work. Each and every time. That’s why Law Enforcement fleets trusts Crown.

More Info at your Fingertips

Download our most up-to-date vehicle-specific option guides and access additional Ford resources.

There are companies that manufacture equipment and other companies that distribute equipment, but who can install it and ensure everything works together with the vehicle’s electrical, mechanical and safety systems?
Crown can!

Integration Engineering

Crown employs proven engineering methodology to ensure we understand your equipment, its usage and your operational needs. We then design the complete installation around your needs keeping in mind the vehicle’s capabilities. Simply put, we fill the gap between the aftermarket equipment manufacturers and automotive OE’s – we call it INTEGRATION ENGINEERING.


You don’t have to purchase the equipment from us, although we’d be happy to sell it to you if you want. You don’t have to have a fleet of hundreds of vehicles to use our services. You don’t even have to be in the market for a new vehicle. You only have to have a need to make your upfitting better. Whether that means improving the turnaround time to get the vehicle into service faster, or just making sure you don’t do anything unsafe when integrating the aftermarket equipment, Crown North America can help.

The Crown Difference

At Crown, we put our customers’ needs first—it’s that simple. We’ve built our organization on creativity, common sense and putting customers’ needs first. We never back away from these principles; they form the core of everything we do.

As a Ford QVM partner, our production quality and quality systems are the same as theirs – they have to be.

We bring these systems to all the upfits we do, whether you have one vehicle or a few hundred: we maintain FMVSS/CMVSS compliance; our wiring is labeled and consistent vehicle to vehicle, year to year; we do not void the OE factory warranty; and we provide live technical support when you need it.

We are experts in ensuring that all of your specified equipment works properly in your new or existing vehicle.

This is the Crown difference.

Our Team

Jennifer Eisler

Dealer Support

Jeremy Lokker

General Manager


George Gheorghiu

Design Engineer



Blair Schofield

Purchasing Manager




Ryan Hrabec

Junior Process Engineer




Dan McHattie

Vehicle Integration + Engineering



Wes Stafford

Sales – Eastern USA & Canada

Jon Gaddis

Sales – Western USA




Jeff Nichols

Sales – Central USA



Gail Douglas

Junior Purchaser



Crown History

Founded in 1938, Crown started as a metal finishing subcontractor and grew as a pioneer in commercial van installations. This evolved over time to include the police segment with Ford. Acquired by Kerr Industries in 2015, Crown has a renewed focus on providing integrated solutions for police fleets, backed by an engineering and technical support team with knowledge of OEM systems and processes.

When a product is used on the front line, it has to work, each and every time.

That’s why Law Enforcement trusts Crown North America!